Flawless Tanning Spa is open 6 days a week. We specialize in Tanning, UV Free tanning, Weight loss/Pain Mangement. We are here for our clients and no request is too big or too small!


Established in 1995

1995-2011 was called Electric Beach Tanning

2011 - Current is now called Flawless Tanning Spa. Flawless Tanning Spa has been revamped from new management, to New tanning beds, to new paint, to beautiful crown moldings and fixtures! We hope to see all of the old clients who have previously tanned at Electric beach tanning to come check out the new and improved salon!

2014 - We relocated!!! we moved from 500sq feet to 2200sq feet, Added new equipment to meet our clients needs!!.

Meet the Business Owner: Natalie O.

Flawless Tanning is an indoor tanning facility that offers both stand-up booths and lay down beds, UV FREE Mystic tan, and Sudatonic Infrared body wraps. Flawless Tanning Spa (previously called Electric Beach) has been in business since 1995, serving Norco and its surrounding area. The salon is now under the ownership of Natalie, who has been in the tanning industry since 2003! She started at a salon in Orange park acres as the manager and new when she got hired that she wanted to own her own. When she found Electric Beach Tanning she new this town and salon was the perfect fit for her. Natalie Transformed Electric Beach to Flawless Tanning Spa which is now like your home away from home feeling and kid friendly! Flawless Tanning is Smart Tan Certified and ready to serve you in all your tanning needs. We have the highest standards for sanitizing in our salon. Flawless Tanning Spa is also a member of the Indoor Tanning Association.

We are friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour anytime.

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